Nick graduated from Altura College, which has been approved by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation. During his training at Altura, he received over 700 hours of instruction, with 160 clinical hours. He is a well-rounded therapist with a foundation in Swedish massage and training in deep tissue, sports massage, and prenatal massage.

Nick Sewell

Massage Types

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is the most commonly used and widely recognized form of massage. It is generally characterized by long and flowing strokes. Individuals providing Swedish massage often perform Effleurage (gliding or sliding), petrissage (a deeper kneading stroke) tapotement (rhythmic tapping), friction (across or along muscle fibers), and vibration (shaking).  

Deep Tissue Massage: In addition to the fact that some individuals simply appreciate more pressure, deep tissue massage is often used to rehabilitate injuries.  It has been proven to reduce pain, break up scar tissue, and increase range of motion.  

Prenatal Massage: Prenatal Massage accommodations are made for women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.  These can ease the discomfort of pregnancy and help with labor and delivery. Commonly, pregnant mothers are positioned with additional pillows and receive their massage lying on their side rather than being positioned face down.

Hot Rocks Massage:  In Hot Rocks Massage, the therapist uses heated stones in the session.  The stones have a relaxing effect.  They aid in easing muscle stiffness, melt away tension, and can increase both circulation and metabolism in the body as the heat causes blood vessels to expand and increases blood flow.

Safety Protocols

In order to prohibit the spread of Covid 19 or other communicable diseases, Nick of Time Therapeutic Massage takes necessary precautions to prioritize the health of our clients. Precautions are listed below: 

  • Therapist has received the Covid 19 vaccine.
  • Masks will be worn at your request. 
  • Therapist washes hands with hot soapy water and antibacterial soap before and after every massage.
  • In keeping with CDC guidelines, we ask that those who have not been vaccinated wear a mask during their massage.
  • After each massage, the linens are replaced and the massage table sterilized.
  • Clients are encouraged to refresh themselves after their massage with bottled water and are offered disposable cups.
  • Common areas are disinfected daily.